Hey Babes!

What a start to 2018. Last week was the first week of uni, and I actually enjoyed it. Thursday I hung out with Goda. We watched Bad Moms, which is the funniest movie ever, and we ordered pizza, fries, chicken nuggets. It was just an amazing experience. I love that girl so much, she’s just so funny, and so unapologetically herself.

The day after, I accidentally promised I would go out, I hadn’t gone out in a year, and that’s not an exaggeration. We went to the city with Tionne, a friend of hers, and Goda, had a few drinks and danced. It was so fun just to have a girls night again, I had really missed that.

I slept till 1 the next day and then went for brunch with Sanna and Sarah. We hadn’t hung out the three of us since Sanna came back, and it was just like old times. The restaurant we visited is called Lilith, and I ate the most delicious thing. I think I said 100 times how much I liked these pancakes with salmon. I will definitely come back!




Lilith: Nieuwe Binnenweg 125H

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