Hey girls, Hope life is going well! Mine is ok, just came home from a tennis match (I haven’t played tennis in 2 years, so it was something..). Overall, it was better than expected, so I am sort of happy. I initially wanted to write a post about de Keukenhof, as I visisted it on … More CASUAL SUNDAY


Helllooo my girls, The recipe you posted looked delish and if I will ever have time in my life again (I am 3 weeks behind with KUWTK because I have no time, what is this life?), I will try it out! Currently I am enjoying a salad my mom made (thanks mammie) and waiting for … More NFS FASHION SHOW


Dear Saar and Teg, Teg, you looked incredible in your last outfit post. That dog was the cutest thing ever. I had the pleasure of going to Düsseldorf with you once and we had so much fun! I have been working out quite a bit lately, not only because after I feel like I’m entitled … More ROTTERDAM LOVE


Hey girls, Currently I am in Düsseldorf with my family and friends! This city feels like home to me and the weather is perfect today, so life could not be better. For the shoot I stole the dog of our friends, as my own dog is not that good on pictures (still love her). So … More FASHION DOG