Hey Friends, Sorry for not posting for a while, I was busy writing my thesis and going on lunches with my friends. I’m still feeling so fortunate to have my friends back, that having all the catch-ups with them is filling up my life pretty nicely. On Friday I went for lunch at Jarmusch with … More DELFSHAVEN


Hello Darlings, I’m currently missing my roommate so bad. Goda is a working girl now which means we spend our first day apart. Am I being dramatic? Maybe. But I just had the best week with her. I bought Goda the cutest notebook for completing her first day, that she will get when she gets home together … More BATHROOM PHOTOSHOOT


Hi friends, This week started quite intense. I did a workout, but because Goda wasn’t there I had to do the couple exercises alone. It was incredibly awkward. I mean it’s not like I love closely working out with strangers, but alone was just a little pathetic. I’m trying to work out three times a … More MY SKINCARE ROUTINE


Hey Babes, Around three months ago, I planned a party for our ShowPony squad. Exchange still seemed so long then, and I missed my friends so much. Since the beginning of uni, I had always planned parties for us, and Galentine is an annual tradition. Now more of my friends have boyfriends and actual dates … More GALENTINE 2018