Hey Babes! The season has started! I’m listening to the Justin Bieber Christmas album all the time. Mixed in with Reputation of course. What do you think of Taylor’s album? I love it! The third of December was my first holiday party with the family. Many more will follow, because this Friday my girls and I … More FIRST HOLIDAY PARTY


Hey Beauties! Yesterday it was Black Friday, and you don’t even wanna know how crazy I went. A slight little summary: I bought a few things at Bershka (most of them on sale), a super cute nightgown at Oysho, plus a few other goodies, a gift for my brother at Urban Outfitters, for my dad … More CHECKERED


Hey Sweeties! Tuesday was the best day. As you all know, spending time with my friends is my favorite thing to do. Tuesday I woke up, and Kimberly came over to do a photoshoot. With the new blog, I needed some new pictures, and Kimberly hadn’t posted anything on her Instagram for a while. If … More FALL HAPPINESS