Hey Babes! The season has started! I’m listening to the Justin Bieber Christmas album all the time. Mixed in with Reputation of course. What do you think of Taylor’s album? I love it! The third of December was my first holiday party with the family. Many more will follow, because this Friday my girls and I … More FIRST HOLIDAY PARTY


Helllooo my girls, The recipe you posted looked delish and if I will ever have time in my life again (I am 3 weeks behind with KUWTK because I have no time, what is this life?), I will try it out! Currently I am enjoying a salad my mom made (thanks mammie) and waiting for … More NFS FASHION SHOW


HEY girls, happy Sunday! Hope you’re enjoying you weekend as much as I do. Besides binge-watching my Netflix series The Missing (you should watch it too!), I went to the World Tennis Tournament in Rotterdam yesterday evening. I had been there two times before, so I kind of knew what I could expect, but still … More TENNIS IN ROTTERDAM

EMA 2016

Dear Sarah L. and Tegla, Today I want to tell you guys the story of a great event I have got to experience recently. Of course, Saar knows a lot of this story already, because she was there with me. 6-11-2016, the day we would finally go to the EMA’s. S., Saar and I were … More EMA 2016