Hey Sweeties,

I have to apologize again for not posting. I was sick for a whole week. I was feeling so so bad, and could not even leave my bed. The only upside of this was that I could watch SOOO much Grey’s Anatomy, I’m completely addicted. My parents watch it too now, so now it’s a family activity as well.

This foundation I discovered because of many people were making YouTube videos about it. As you all know I love Maybelline, and I was still looking for a long-wearing foundation. This one claims to be 24 hours. Now I have not been awake for that long since my last jetlag, but I was still excited to try it.

I love this foundation. It is quite matte without looking completely dull, there is definitely still life to the skin. I wear the color Ivory, and because the foundation oxidizes a little it is slightly too dark. This foundation keeps my skin looking beautiful all day long. I can wear this to school, and then also for going out without any touch-ups. It is without a doubt super full coverage and covers all my blemishes.

There are 16 shades. I would love there to be more shades, and I’m definitely going to see if there is a better shade match out there for me. But overall, I would definitely recommend this foundation.




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