Hey sweeties,

I am so happy the sun is shining again, finally it is starting to feel like spring. When I am older, I want to live somewhere the sun is always shining, and then I only go back to the cold when it is Christmas. Not that I have much to complain, so many fun things have been happening lately. Last week, I threw a mini birthday party for my friend Yvy. There were pink balloons, girly movies, a playlist and pink glasses with princess on them. Only four people were at the party (my little brother included), but sometimes that is all you need. This week I baked cookies with my lovely friend Sanna, who is not only beautiful, but also one of the nicest, most fun people I know. I posted a picture of the cookies on Instagram. They are so good we always eat four right after we bake them.

With all this eating, sometimes I also have to work out. My favourite kind of exercise is dancing. I dance when I wake up in front of my mirror, while dressing up, and end my days dancing in my pyjamas. Since this year, I also started dancing salsa, together with Saar and Fleur. We have so much fun while doing it, and I love that you can see progress every week. Besides this, I also go to fitness classes every week. My favourites are Zumba, and core training. Even though I will probably never become a real “fitgirl,” I love how good and confident I feel after a working out. Today, I wanted to share with you my favourite sporty  outfit. I hope this motivates you to work out as well (or sit on the couch and eat cookies haha)!





Shoes: Nike, Pants: Zara, Sports Bra: H&M, Bottle: H&M





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