Hi babes!

Yesterday, I went to the  Peter Lindbergh exhibition in the Kunsthal in Rotterdam. A lot of my friends had already been there and I heard such positive stories, so I decided that I had to go too. I really enjoyed it!

Peter Lindbergh is seen as one of the most influential fashion photographers, and takes pictures only in black-and-white. In the exhibition, you will be able to see his collection, from 1978 until now.

In the past, I did not really care about art, but I’m starting to get really interested in photography! Especially these photos were so beautiful and simple. A short impression of my afternoon in the Kunsthal:

img_39121img_3833_fotorimg_3847_fotorimg_39141img_3880_fotorimg_3840_fotorimg_3890_fotorBlouse: G-star (men’s collection), Jeans: H&M, Bag: Zara, Choker: H&M

See you tomorrow Saar in the sports building and see you very soon Teg!

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Saar R.

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