Hey girls! Teg, I really liked your last look! Your denim jacket really inspired my outfit. I borrowed this jacket and the shirt from a friend of mine (thanks Fien), and the skirt is my bestie’s. The weather has been soooo great the past couple of days, it has been amazing. My friends and I … More MIX AND MATCH


Hey girls, Today is a good day for some weekly inspiration and what could be better than double denim? I often have a hard time with wearing double denim, since, the washing can be so different that it just doesn’t look the way I want it to. And, to be honest, I wasn’t even planning … More DENIM ON DENIM


Hey sweeties, Teg, that hotspot looked amazing! I love everything pink as you know. I’m so proud of you finishing your internship, now you can really start to enjoy your vacation. Sunday, my parents and I went to the boat. I really don’t know why, but I got a serious thing for boats. I just … More WHITE FLOWERS


Hey girls! Teg, when you told me about the Keukenhof, i did have to laugh a little bit (but did feel bad a bad about it haha). Everyone always takes the most amazing Instagram pictures there, so I understand why you wanted to go. The outfit post was amazing anyway so it really didn’t matter. … More SUBTLE SPARKLE